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Car Park Security?

Car parks are often a huge target hotspot for crime. Back in 2021 within England and Wales, there were 108,542 motor vehicle thefts reported. These are worrying figures and it is no wonder that many people are concerned about leaving their cars within car parks. One way to reduce car theft is by employing good car park security, but what is car park security? In this article, we will be uncovering all the different types of security that car parks use and explain why people should use secure car parking

Do Car Parks Have Security? Yes, most car parks will have security in place as car parks are often victims of crime. Some of the most crimes that take place in car parks are:

  • Vehicle Theft.

  • Vandalism.

  • Violent Assaults.

  • Car-jacking.

But crime isn’t the only issue that car parks face. As car parks will often face other security risks and issues such as:

  • Unauthorised Visitors.

  • Cars Parking Out Of Hours.

  • Leaving Abandoned Cars.

  • People Not Paying For Their Parking.

What Is Car Park Security? Because of the worries of crime and other issues, many car park owners will employ car park security to ensure their protection; and car park security is simply the different security measures that are used to help ensure the protection of a car park. Below, we have listed some of the most common security used within a car park. Security Guards Car parks will hire security guards as an extra layer of protection on their car park. This is because guards will have a strong security presence and instantly give the impression that a business or location is well protected. Security officers who work in car parks can act as a visual deterrent against thieves and will often reduce crime within car parks by doing regular routine patrols. Security guards will work in many different types of car parks such as:

  • Private Car Parks.

  • Retail Car Parks.

  • Commercial Car Parks.

Security Cameras Car parks will also improve their security by installing CCTV cameras around their premises. Security cameras are an excellent way to deter criminals as they will often review and survey blind spots within a car park. Cameras are also effective because they can often be used as evidence; so if a crime is recorded within a car park, then the camera’s footage can be used to help find the criminals or as evidence within a law court. ANRP (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) ANRP, also known as Automatic Number Plate Recognition, is technically a form of vehicle access control. ANRP will scan a vehicle’s plate and then determine if it is allowed access to the car park. Whether a car is allowed on a car park with ANRP installed will depend on various reasons such as whether the owner of the car has paid for their parking and if it is an employee entering the car park. Automatic number plate recognition systems can be an excellent security measure as they allow car park owners to manage who can enter the car park and it can stop any unauthorised visitors such as thieves from entering the car park. Car Park Security Management Software Another way that car parks will stay secure is by using a car park security management software. This is a software system that will digitally track how many cars are already inside your car park and how many spaces are still available. This is quite beneficial to car parks and can help them improve their security, as this software will help car parks owners manage their car parks better and can help them identify any suspicious vehicles that are within their car park.

What Does A Car Park Security Guard Do? Security guards will be hired within car parks to help improve its safety. Car park security guards will have many tasks and responsibilities to oversee. Some of these are:

  • Doing routine patrols around the car park.

  • Using CCTV monitoring equipment such as cameras to monitor different areas of the car park.

  • Answering customer enquiries and helping all visitors that the car park has.

  • Checking that all cars have valid tickets.

  • Ensuring the safety of all vehicles, workers and visitors within a car park.

  • Protecting cars from damage or theft.

  • Writing security incident reports.

  • Responding to any security situations that take place.

Why Should You Park In A Secure Car Park? Car parks are a hotspot for criminal activity. So, it is important that people park their car in a secure car park or in a car park that has efficient security in place to ensure their vehicles protection. By parking in a car park that has good security this will reduce the chances of people’s cars getting stolen or being damaged.

How To Secure Your Car In A Car Park? Although car parks will have security in place, there are things that you can do to ensure your vehicle’s safety within a car park. Some of the best ways to secure a car are:

  • Park your car in an area that is covered by security cameras.

  • Don’t park your car in an isolated area.

  • Keep valuable ideas out of sight, as these valuable items can attract thieves to your car.

  • Always double check that you have locked your car’s doors before leaving your car.

  • Install a car security system inside your car.

  • Install a GPS tracker inside your car.

  • Place a car immobiliser on your steering wheel.


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