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SIA First Aid Training

SIA First aid training

Does SIA Require First Aid?

Yes, to obtain an SIA licence now you will need to already have an approved first aid qualification before you are allowed to do your licence-linked training. This is the case for close protection officers, security officers, and door supervisors.

This applies to those applying for their first licence, or those looking to renew their SIA licence. There is a list of approved first aid courses on the SIA website, but the most recommended is the Emergency First Aid at work training.

Do You Need A First Aid Certificate To Be A Security Officer?

Absolutely! Due to the change in SIA guidelines, it is now compulsory that all security officers that hold an SIA licence have First Aid Training. This will allow them to better assist if someone requires medical attention before they are seen by a medical professional.

What First Aid Qualifications Will The SIA Accept? The SIA will accept a qualification that is an Emergency First Aid at Work qualification, or an equivalent qualification that trains security guards with the same skillset. It is important that these alternative qualifications comply with the guidelines set by the Health and Safety Executive. Some of these courses include:

  • First Aid at Work Training (FAW)

  • First Person on Scene Training (FPOS)

  • First Response Emergency Care Training (FREC)

Does SIA Course Include First Aid?

In order to obtain an SIA licence, you will need to have your first aid trading beforehand. There are, however, some training providers that can offer both the first aid qualification and help you get your SIA licence in one package. Even with a combined SIA licence first aid course that some providers offer, you will still complete your first aid training at the start before any other section of the course.

What Is The New SIA Update About First Aid? SIA First Aid training is now required before anyone can get a licence to become a security guard or doorman via the Security Industry Authority. This is a recent change that was implemented after public consultation on the industry.

When Does The Update Take Place? All the changes within the SIA update have applied since the 1st of April 2021. From this date, anyone applying for a new SIA licence will need to have an emergency first aid at work qualification before undertaking the training course to obtain their licence. For those looking for an SIA licence update, meaning that they need to renew their SIA licence, the changes have come into place from the 1st of October 2021.

What Are The Requirements For This Update? While close protection officers were already expected to have some kind of first aid training, now this expectation has moved to all those with an SIA security guard licence or door supervisor licence. The SIA first aid requirements are only part of the SIA licence update. There is also new training on common threats such as dealing with emergencies and terror threat awareness, as well as sector-specific content and more practical assessments on topics such as dealing with conflict and using communication devices.

Why Is The SIA Making These Changes?

These changes were agreed upon after a consultation with the public on how to improve their qualifications. They were designed to ensure that everyone working in the private security industry can help keep members of the public safe, and first aid is a great way to do this. This means that if an employee or member of the public becomes unwell or is injured, then they can be treated by a security guard or officer until medical help arrives.

How Much Does The SIA First Aid Course Cost? A first aid course approved by the SIA can cost anywhere between £50 and £130 depending on the course provider and the course location. Generally, the course lasts one day, with most currently being delivered online.

What Skills Are Featured On The Emergency First Aid At Work Course? A course like the Emergency First Aid at work course is a basic introduction to first aid on the type of injuries that security guards and door supervisors may come across in their everyday job. The training will provide security workers will the skills that they need to help people with a range of injuries until emergency services arrive at the scene. Furthermore, the training will boost the confidence of security workers in dealing with any medical issues they may face. The first aid training may include:

  • Emergency Life Support for those who are not breathing and are unresponsive. This includes the use of automated external defibrillators (AED) that are becoming more common in a number of different workplaces.

  • How to support those having a seizure

  • Helping those who are choking

  • How to stop or reduce heavy breathing

  • Calming those suffering from shock

  • The treatment of burns

  • Basic first aid such as bandaging, dealing with cuts and grazes, and falls


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