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Why Do Vacant Properties Need To Be Secure?

Why do you need Vacant properties to be secure?
Vacant Property security

It is extremely important to protect your vacant properties but why do vacant properties need to be secure? In this article, we will count down the top reasons why your empty buildings need protection.

Why Do Vacant Properties Need To Be Secured?

When properties and buildings are left empty and vacant, they become big targets to criminals. They are left very vulnerable, not being looked over, and can be damaged badly. This can cause expensive and stressful situations for businesses.

With so many buildings being left void and vacant due to COVID lockdowns recently, the number of vacant property crimes have increased. Many retail premises and other commercial sites have been closed down for good and are left vulnerable.


When harsh weather hits flooding can be a real threat to many parts of the country. Although a vacant property may not have contents or equipment that can be damaged by water, the building itself can be greatly affected and harmed by it. If left unresolved, the building could be in real trouble. Planning ahead can help to minimize the risk of flooding to an empty property. If the building is located in a flood risk area, ensure defenses such as flood gates and sandbags are in place to help lessen the impact and keep the water out of the building as much as possible.

Fire & Arson

Fires can ravage buildings in no time at all, leaving businesses greatly impacted. Having the right protection and alarm system in place can help to not only minimize the risk but also help combat fire if it does become an issue. Having the right fire alarms and detection in place can help to stop fire from destroying the whole building. As well as having fire suppression systems in place.

Arson is the deliberate act of setting fire to something to cause damage. Arsonists can cause huge amounts of damage quickly and easily if the right fire prevention and suppression systems are not in place. Ensure you plan ahead against such threats to protect not only your property but also those around it.

vacant property fire / Vandals

Many criminals vandalize buildings. There are many forms of vandalism, such as smashed windows and damaged property. All of which can be expensive and stressful for a business to deal with. Most vandals are opportunistic criminals and strike without planning or thought into it. This type of criminal behaviour can be reduced by following certain procedures.


Graffiti is a huge problem for vacant properties and used properties alike. These vandals can create large areas of art that require timely and expensive removal to restore the building to how it was. Empty buildings such as void retail premises are particularly susceptible to such vandalism and need to be cautious to avoid expensive issues.


Even if your vacant property is completely empty of any stock, equipment, or tools, there are many materials and resources that criminals look to steal from a vacant building. For example, wiring, tiles, and other scrap materials. These can be torn from your property and leave you with expensive problems and an unusable premises.

vacant property theft / Squatting

When a building is left empty there is a big risk that it will become home to squatters. Squatting is the offense of entering and living within a building without the permission of the landowner. When a squatter has taken occupancy in a vacant property it can become very difficult to resolve the issue and remove them quickly. Certain rules and procedures must be followed to do so, especially if the squatter has been in the building for a long time. It is highly recommended to do all that you can to avoid squatters being able to enter your building in order to minimise the risk.

Water Damage

Water damage may not seem like a big issue but can lead to very expensive and disastrous consequences to businesses. Water damage can occur from leaks in roofs or walls, from leaking pipes or from many other sources. The damage can build up over time to cause big problems. Nipping any water damage issues in the bud as soon as possible is recommended. Checking your property regularly to look for signs of water damage and getting the necessary maintenance can prevent a lot of headaches for you!

Fly Tipping

We all see bags of rubbish, old sofas, or mounds of rubble at the sides of roads where they have been left by fly-tippers. But this also occurs at vacant properties. If criminals see an area of land that is clearly not used, they will use it to dispose of unwanted waste and materials. Some criminals make a living out of removing rubbish or materials from paying customers and dumping them in empty locations without permission. It is then a costly task for the property owner to remove the waste from their site.

High Insurance Premiums

When insuring a vacant property, you must be aware it can be different and more complex then insuring an occupied one. Your insurance company will be well aware of all the risks to the building that we have just mentioned and probably more! This means that insurance premiums can increase. It is important that you discuss with your insurance providers about the changes to your policy and pricing when the building becomes vacant. This can ensure no costly surprises further down the line!

security for vacant buildings / Pests

When humans move out of a building, small furry pests often move in. A small amount of these visitors may not be a big issue, but when numbers increase, so does the damage! Pests, whether it be rats or insects, can cause expensive damage and will need professional removal. They can chew through wires and all kinds of materials that can be expensive to fix and replace. We recommend a humane pest removal service to get rid of unwanted guests!

How To Secure Your Empty Property?

The best way to secure your vacant property would be to follow and practice vacant property security tips such as installing a vacant property CCTV system or hiring a security guard to watch your buildings.

All of these potential hazards to vacant properties can paint a worrying picture, but with the right care, vacant property security, and maintenance your empty building can be looked after and not be affected by criminals or other unwanted, expensive issues. If you are worried about any security concerns that may affect your vacant property then do get in touch with us today so we can help you get the security and peace of mind you deserve.


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