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R&D Security Operative

Security Services
You Can Trust

Our Security services are comprised on a variety of selected industries to provide a tailored solution for your business. All Security services are delivered by professional security Operatives who undertakes regular training to permanently enhances your protection.
The staff we provide are your business crime deterrent with a faster time response than calling the Police. They have the knowledge, reason and willingness to protect your assets.
Our company provides unmatched, On-demand and cost-efficient security guards services for all events.
Our professional and experienced staff will make sure all your security needs are met.

Nightclub security from R&D Security



Checking IDs and ensuring everyone have a good time within the rules established by the management, is their job.  Our Club Security service will guarantee a perfect night for your clients assuring their return next week with more friends.

security for your Pubs, Restaurants



Our Restaurant & Pub Security Service will guarantee your right to reserve your clientele and protect them during their stay, ensuring the smoking area is not crowded, evicts intoxicated guests and delivers a professional customer service.

Corporate security needs filled by R&D Security

Corporate & Office Security service team will bestow your safety at work, ensuring all visitors, suppliers and staff are logged in and out. And rest assured that they will protect your assets while you sleep at night.

R&D Security can achieve all your hotels security services.


All hotels have the same goal, to deliver an unforgettable customer service for their visitors and ensure their return next time when in town. To serve your best interest, Hotel Security Service team will guarantee your brand reputation.

Security for your Corporate event.

No matter what your hosting, R&D Corporate Event Security team will do their job in safeguarding your event and be part of your success assuring your guests a promise of a good night out from the office.

Retail security specialists when you need us

From major brands to shopping malls and supermarkets, shoplifting was always a concern to the industry. With the help of R&D Retail Security Service, you can diminish criminal activities.

carpark security specialists when you need us.
Construction site security. R&D Security

Unmonitored car parks can be a prime location for would-be criminals. With R&D Carpark Security services your vehicle and person will be safe.

Heading 1

During the daytime, a smooth run of your business in a safe environment is a must. And during night time you can rest assured that a professional team of Construction Site Security, will look after your assets.

Gatehouse Security Specialists when you need us. R&D Security Glasgow

The Entrance to your premises when you have cargo or items coming in and out has to be secure and R&D Gatehouse security can assure success in this.

R&D Security are proud of the resources available to us that provide our clients with a world-class security service in and around Glasgow. This has meant that the range of security services we can offer is expanding all the time and is ever-evolving with changes to society and the world around us. The need for the continuous evolution of services is driven by our monitoring of the industry, finding the trends and offering total security services to cover a wide range of concerns for our clients. We ensure that what we can offer with managed security services is current and relevant to our clientele.

We have a varied portfolio of sectors within which we have worked, with our client list spanning different areas of industry. The sectors we offer total security services for include, but are not limited to:

  • Pubs/Clubs – Covering Licensed  properties and  environments, we have the premium security services to enhance the security of your staff and assets.

  • Construction – You can protect your construction site and machinery using our total security services.

  • Healthcare – facilities including hospitals, surgeries and clinics can all be catered for with bespoke managed security services.

  • Hospitality – Hotels, restaurants and bars can have the security of their premises and staff protected with bespoke security services.

  • Events – We can provide highly experienced events staff to ensure the security of organised, small or large scale events.

  • Retail – Shops and outlets, including shopping centres and supermarkets, can be provided with fully comprehensive manned security services.

  • Car Park– We can ensure safety and deter crime within multi-storey and secure car parks no matter the size.

You'll find more detail on each of the sector services we provide by following the links. If you don't see your chosen industry or sector covered, then please contact us to discuss what your requirements are for total security services today.

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