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Unmonitored car parks can be a prime location for would-be criminals. In fact, up to 80 per cent of all crimes committed in public occur in parking lots. Whether it be vehicle break-ins and theft, mugging or assault. criminals can take advantage of these often dark and deserted spaces. As a result car park security services is in high demand to ensure secure parking.

At R&D Security We offer secure parking solutions to ensure that people feel safe and comfortable using car parks under our supervision. We provide car parking Security Services that addresses the biggest issues around car park safety that are of concern to members of the public using them. As well as those that own them. When improving security to any school, retail department, supermarket implementing measures for safe and secure car parking is crucial.
Any car parking management company will want to uphold a positive reputation for their parking space. We can assist in creating an environment that makes people feel safe whilst providing vital deterrents to any would-be criminal.

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Car Park access control is extremely important and ensures that only those rightfully using the facilities can access the parking lot. Creating a deterrent for any would-be criminals or trespassers.
R&D Carpark Security services can help maintain car park access control through many different approaches including manned car park security guards patrolling the area regularly to CCTV monitoring or screening of outgoing cars to ensure they are being driven by the rightful owner. How you decide on the level of car park security will depend on the type of car park you have. 


Ensuring adequate lighting to eliminate dark corners
Scheduling regular foot and vehicle patrols around the entire car park
Patrolling lifts and stairwells leading to the car park
Removing suspicious or loitering characters from the car park    to minimise the risk of vandals and opportunistic thieves
Enforcing parking policies
Providing a written warning to cars which contravene policies
Maintaining a daily log of parking activities for analysis


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During the daytime, a smooth run of your business in a safe environment is a must. And during night time you can rest assured that a professional team of Construction Site Security, will look after your assets.

The Entrance to your premises when you have cargo or items coming in and out has to be secure and R&D Gatehouse security can assure success in this.

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