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Pub / Restaurant Security Services


Eating and drinking establishments made up of the main sector of the retail industry. Statistically, on a regular day, one out of five people eats and drinks out. With Glasgow being one of the most visited cities in the UK, local customers as well as tourists should always be able to have a good time when they stop by your venue for a refreshment.
Restaurants and Pubs have constantly risks and vulnerabilities such as thieves, burglaries, violence, verbal threats and fights. People with different backgrounds and lifestyle from all over the world may cross your venue doorstep so is better to ensure an adequate protection. Keep in mind that is always desirable to control troubles outside instead of breaking up a fight and eject those involved to avoid a negative publicity of your venue.  All those unpleasant situations can be prevented if your restaurant or Pub is protected with a security service.
R&D Security is the Security Service you need.

Deterrence and prevention first!


Ensure policy established by management of selecting the right crowd for the venue. Prevent intoxicated people to enter the premises and do a screening for any possible troublemakers. Make sure the smoking area is manned all the time and car park are over watched.
Our security service staff will promptly defuse any violent situation. They will stay until all the clients leave the venue and if needed to ensure escort to your employees toward their cars to get sure they get home safely and prevent any altercation that may arise if some of the clients that were evicted from the premises may wait at the corner.
Develop an action plan to evict unwelcome guests from the venue and if needed. To inform the local authorities such as The Police of any offence committed toward the clients, staff and venue.

In the prospect of hosting a special entertainment night for your guests, like a stand-up comedy show, concert or magic show. We can ensure a VIP Protection for your attending celebrities.



Our Security Service Team will hold an assessment of your establishment will be carried out to evaluate possible threats and weaknesses. Based on this evaluation, procedures will be made and implementations accordingly.
Our security guards, will permanently evaluate sobriety and attitude of customers and deny entry to people visible intoxicated. They will coordinate with bartenders and servers and make them aware of any unusual behaviour of customers and advise in stopping selling alcohol to those clients. If the venue requires, the clientele will be prevented of taking out drinks, by ensuring that the security guard who will cover the egress point will enforce it.

Restaurant and Pub security guard isn’t just “a doorman”– is the person who will ensure goodwill, joy and safety to customers within the establishments rules.

  • A high standard of physical fitness and strength

  • Smart appearance

  • Reliability and trustworthy

  • Proactive Onsite Crime Prevention

  • Controlling of Access Points

  • Professional Static and Foot Patrol

  • Deterring of trespassers, vandals and thieves

  • A mature and responsible attitude at work

  • A polite and courteous demeanor

  • Responsive to alarms and calls of distress

  • Ability to write short reports and follow written instructions

  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of information

  • Ability to handle and resolve conflicts in an effective manner

  • Ability to challenge people when necessary



Checking IDs and ensuring everyone have a good time within the rules established by the management, is their job. All Club Security will guarantee a perfect night for your clients assuring their return next week with more friends.

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From major brands to shopping malls and supermarkets shoplifting was always a concern to the industry. With the help of R&D Retail Security team, you can diminish criminal activities.

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