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As the boundaries between work and home life continue to blur. As work consumes an even greater part of our life. Your workplace is becoming your second home.
You and your co-workers that you see every day and who now make up a large part of your life need the assurance of a safe and secure environment to focus on the tasks without the worry of any menace.

In a world with so many diverse threats and increasing risks. Your business premises need a vigilant professional Security Service. R&D Security will permanently asses, determine and eliminate any unwanted situation that may evolve into an incident.
R&D Security Services and Our Operatives are the choice that you are looking for to protect your business purposes as they will be the first impression given to your visitors and clients to the point of contact for your company premises.
Our security services offer an adaptable and bespoke range of security depending on the type of business and building your are housed in. R&D Security can help with any security needs.

A presentation at the office
Corporate / office security will ensure
  •  A high standard of physical fitness and strength

  •  Smart appearance

  •  Analyse client requirements

  •  Checking out and surveying the layout of venues before the client arrives

  •  Threat & Risk assessments

  •  Develop tactical operation and backup plans

  •  Ability to integrate with client’s lifestyle

  •  Discretion and commitment to client confidentiality

  •  Strong verbal and interpersonal skills

  •  Accompanying the client on business and social trips

  •  Excellent observational skills to spot potentially dangerous situations

  •  Evacuation Mapping and Method

  •  Ability to react quickly using their own initiative

  •  Ability to handle and resolve conflicts in an effective manner

  •  Knowledge of law related to security


All hotels have the same goal, to deliver an unforgettable customer service for their visitors and ensure their return next time when in town. To serve your best interest, R&D Hotel Security Services team will guarantee your brand reputation.

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From major brands to shopping malls and supermarkets, shoplifting was always a concern to the industry. With the help of R&D Retail Security Services team, you can diminish criminal activities.

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