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Hospitality Security by R&D Security

Hospitality Security Service 

From major brands to luxury boutique and chic rural hotels along with independent owners, one common ambition is the same. Delivering of perfection and unforgettable experience for clientele.
Alongside with customer service hotels security is vital to preserve the establishment reputation.
Criminal activities around hotel premises are often targeted by thieves who will look for opportunities of stealing belongings from reception, car park or even their customers private rooms. Your receptionist may get distracted ensuring guests are having a welcoming arrival or responding to a query or leaving unattended valuable unwatched.
To overcome these possible scenarios and avoid unpleasant situations, R&D Security offer a bespoke Security Service which will protect your premises 24 hours a day. Seven days a week.

With their position all security guards will have different duties and responsibilities to ensure a top-notch security service and a protected environment for hotel employees and guests. They will warrant your hotel reception safety. Act as a concierge for guest coming to check in and escort cashier during transportation of valuables. The car park will be permanently patrolled to ensure a visual presence and discourage any potential criminal activities. Your control room If you have one will be supervised by a CCTV security guard that will make sure to spot any hazardous situation before it sparkles into a disaster. A team leader will be available to your help and liaise with all concerns to the hospitality security deployed on the perimeter.


  • A high standard of physical fitness and strength

  • Smart appearance

  • Reliability and trustworthy

  • Proactive onsite crime prevention

  • Controlling of access points

  • Customers vehicle checks in the car park

  • Professional static and foot patrol

  • Deterring of trespassers, vandals and thieves

  • Diminish hotel premises vulnerability

  • A mature and positive attitude at work

  • A polite and courteous demeanour

  • Responsive to alarms and calls of distress

  • Ability to write reports and follow written instructions

  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of information

  • Ability to handle and resolve conflicts in an effective manner

  • Ability to challenge people when necessary

Hospitality security by R&D Security Glasgow
restaurant & Pubs Security done by professionals. R&D Security Glasgow



R&D Restaurant & Pub Security Services will guarantee your right to reserve your clientele and protect them during their stay, ensuring the smoking area is not crowded, evicts intoxicated guests and delivers a professional customer service.

Corporate Security done right. R&D Security Glasgow


No matter what your hosting, R&D Corporate Event Security Services will do the job in safeguarding your event and be part of your success assuring your guests a promise of a good night out from the office.

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