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Do Security Guards Reduce Crime?

can we reduce crime with security guards
security guards

Crime is everywhere and it seems impossible to escape from it. Last year UK crime rates were at an average of 96.4 per thousand people.

There are many ways and methods that we can use to prevent crime, such as hiring security guards. But do security guards deter crime? In this article, we will be discussing how security guards can help to reduce crime.

How Can Security Guards Prevent Crime? Security guards are able to prevent crime through their duties and daily tasks. This is because the main duty of a security guard is to protect people, valuables, or a business. If someone is suspected of committing a crime, security guards are allowed to physically restrain people. By doing this, security guards can stop crime from happening. Security guards are also known to have good communication skills, which they can use to help reduce people’s worries about crime. In hospitals or at events, security guards will often talk to the public to either help with queries or to put them at ease. Although this doesn’t exactly reduce crime, it is helpful as it allows people to feel protected and safe.

How Can A Security Guard’s Duties Help To Stop Crime? The best way that security guards are able to stop crime is through their daily tasks. Some ways they can do this are:

  • by monitoring CCTV for suspicious activity and then reporting back to higher authorities. This allows security guards to stay aware of any potential threats.

  • by having a security guard stand at the front of a building or store. This allows security guards to act as a visual deterrent for crime

  • by doing routine patrols around the front of a building. This allows security guards to be aware of their surroundings and be on the lookout for potential threats. Routine patrols also allow security guards to catch criminals in action.

Can The Presence Of A Security Guard Prevent Crime? Simply the presence of a security guard can help them to reduce crime. This is because they are known to be a very successful visual deterrent. Seeing a security guard at the front of a store or building tells thieves and criminals that the place is protected. Furthermore, if people know that they are being watched they are more likely to behave better.

Types of Crime Security Guards Can Help Reduce? There are many types of crimes that security guards can help to reduce.

In retail security, security guards help to stop thieves or pickpockets from stealing valuable items. They do this by carefully monitoring a store’s CCTV footage or by keeping watch at the front of the store.

  • Security guards who work in construction or building security help reduce crime by doing routine patrols around the building, and through dealing with break-ins.

  • Security guards who work at events, help to reduce crime by being constantly aware of their surroundings, and by protecting everyone there.

  • Security guards have been known to reduce smaller crimes like graffiti and vandalism by staying alert and doing routine patrols around different areas.

Do Security Guards Reduce Crime?

Sadly, crime is something that isn’t going away anytime soon. Security guards, like other law enforcers such as the police, do help to reduce crime. Due to one of their main job roles being protecting people and valuables from any potential threats. It is highly recommended to have security guards on-site at businesses though, in order to reduce crime as they act as very strong visual deterrents and can deal with any issues on site


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