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Top 10 Most Dangerous Areas In Glasgow

The river Clyde reflecting Glasgow night life.
Glasgow city at night

The city of Glasgow often gets a bad reputation from its critics. Being home to the largest population in Scotland and one of the biggest in the UK, with over 612,000 people, crime numbers will be higher than the national average which is to be expected with a bigger population.

In this article, we will be going into whether Glasgow is a dangerous city, and also the top 10 most dangerous areas in Glasgow

Is Glasgow A Dangerous City?

Glasgow has gained a bad reputation across the years, from anti-social behaviour to increase numbers of business crimes but is Glasgow still a dangerous city?

Glasgow was voted the 8th least secure postcode in the UK, according to a recent survey gathered earlier this year by with Hull coming at the top place.

The data took into account 32 different factors, including the number of police officers in the area, the frequency of crimes per 1000 people, the number of CCTV cameras, and resident safety.

Glasgow reported the 4th highest amount of crimes in the UK, with over 81,583 crimes. Glasgow have increased efforts to try and increase this influx of crimes by deploy more police officers in the area. There are around 5,600 police officers placed in the area which is one of the highest in the UK. It doesn’t however have more police officers than places like Wolverhampton or Dudley which face far fewer crime numbers. It did rank well on the sense of security, so the locals do feel safe when residing in the area.

According to Glasgow Times, by far the most common crime in Glasgow was violence and sexual behaviour with over 4000 crimes committed. This seems like an ongoing problem in Glasgow with numbers ever-increasing across the city.

Glasgow crime rates, in general, will seem higher than many other cities within the UK with it being one of the largest populations. There are safer areas in Glasgows that face low numbers of crime. We will not be going over the most dangerous areas of Glasgow.

Which Is The Most Dangerous Area In Glasgow?

For Glasgow, we gathered the top 10 most dangerous areas and ordered them from top to bottom

Area in Glasgow Total Crimes

Anderston/City/Yorkhill 13757

Calton 4674

Govan 4182

Southside Central 3596

Canal 3007

Springburn/Robroyston 2893

East Centre 2775

Shettleston 2765

Hillhead 2640

Dennistoun 2516

As you can see from the stats above, Anderston (the main part of the city) is by far the most dangerous part of Glasgow. This is to be expected, as there are more vistors and residents in the city, increasing the chances of potential visitors crime happening.

Which Is The Most Dangerous Area In Glasgow

What Is The Most Common Crime in Glasgow?

Crime is a massive issue in Glasgow, with its number ever-increasing with no end in sight. We will overlook which crime is the most common in Glasgow, to get an insight into what crimes affect the Glaswegian locals the most. We have separated these figures into violent crime and then property crime to see what may affect individuals and also businesses.

Violent Crime in Glasgow

Type of Crime

Total Crimes per 100,000 Residents

Assault 185.7

Murder 6.1

Rape 75.7

Robbery 27.5

Property Crime

Type of CrimeTotal Crimes per 100,000 Residents

Burglary 440.3

Theft 2414.5

Motor Vehicle Theft 192.6

You can see that Glasgow experiences a lot more property-based crime with the majority of crime being Theft.

Every city has safer and more dangerous areas, and Glasgow is no exception.

Businesses understandably are hiring more Glasgow security guards so their employees feel safe and don’t become victims of crime. Hiring a security company is one way to reduce your risks of being targeted by crooks. A security company might install CCTV cameras to monitor premises or hire security guards to deter potential criminals. Security firms may also evaluate your current security procedures and provide recommendations on how to make your organisation safer.


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