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How To Stay Safe In The City

Stunning view of Glasgow in the night light
Glasgow city

With’s crime map showing that crime being particularly higher in urban areas, many may seem to avoid big cities as they may seem dangerous at certain times.

However, British cities can also be exciting cultural centres with vibrant nightlife and various fun activities, places to eat and drink as well as much more so it’s understandable why many people still visit cities from perhaps statistically safer places out of town.

There are also practical steps you can take on how to stay safe in the city, these will be explored in greater detail in this article as well as the types of crime to be on the lookout for in the city.

A key way on how to stay safe in the city is to know the type of crime to be on the lookout for in a bid to avoid being a victim of it altogether. has listed the most common UK crimes on their website, below is included the ones to be on the lookout for in a city environment where they may be easier to commit and may directly affect individuals easier –

Violence & Sexual Offences

Anti-Social Behaviour

Vehicle Crime

Robbery (Including Mugging)

Theft From the Person (Including Pickpocketing)

Being vigilant and trying to prevent yourself from getting into trouble where these crimes are most likely to occur is a great way to stay safe in the city environment.

Know Or Learn The City how to stay safe in the city leeds

Just moved to a new city and still unsure about where’s best to avoid to keep the safest? It may be a good idea to familiarise yourself with the area by doing some basic research on your surroundings.

For example, we have multiple articles on the most dangerous areas of a city in areas such as Birmingham & London.

This is useful information to have so you may know what areas might be more favourable to avoid during differing times of the day and to plan your routes throughout your time in a city accordingly to perhaps avoid the areas which are perceived to have a higher risk if possible.

Another way to learn the city and keeping safe is by having a smartphone map app such as Google Maps or Apple Maps handy so you know the best ways around a city.

This is especially true when lost and you might find yourself wandering into a dangerous area unintentionally – just be sure not to take your phone out if you think you’re in a bad situation as this may make you a bigger target for the likes of robbery and mugging.

Stay In Secure Areas In The City how to stay safe in the city lights

Another way on how to stay safe in the city is to try to stay in secure areas where crime is less likely to take place in the first instance.

A more secure area for example may have the following traits –

particularly high CCTV coverage (stats show a potential 13% decrease in crime in places with CCTV cameras compared to those without.)

be well lit at night (street lighting reduces crime by an average of 21% compared with areas without street lighting)

have regular police or private security guard patrols making sure members of the public are safe and happy

These types of areas are less likely to have crimes such as robbery, mugging or violence to occur as a criminal may be more wary of the consequences or/and the actuality of getting caught easier so you’re likely to be safer.

However, it’s still important not to keep your guard down and be on the lookout for likes of pick pocketers who are able to hide between large, especially if you think you might be distracted.

Be Alert In The City how to stay safe in the city liverpool walk

Being alert at all times is also a great way to stay safe in the city, here are a few key ways to stay alert in the city –

Maintain good situational awareness – always look what’s around and where you’re going when walking to better detect incoming threats.

Don’t walk around listening to music or with your phone out, this reduces your awareness and makes you a bigger target as previously discussed.

Walk with purpose and look confident, the more timid you look/seem may make you an easier target for criminals (as this BBC article highlights) – instead try to walk with large strides, facing upwards and not towards the floor.

Travel With Your Friends In The City how to stay safe in the city friends to stay safe in the city is to travel with your friends.

If you’re coming back or going to a night out with friends for example, it’s always a good idea to travel together and to make sure you or your friends are catching safe transport home. (e.g., taxi)

The larger the group the better, as solo criminals will be discouraged from committing a crime against a large group as they can easily be fended off.

It’s also important not to walk home by yourself from a night’s drinking as you’re intoxicated, and it will be easier for criminals to take advantage of your dulled senses.

Trust Your Instincts how to stay safe in the city instinct

One of the most obvious but effective ways on how to stay safe in the city is to ultimately trust your instincts and gut feeling.

If you don’t like a certain situation or fear walking down a certain street, it’s best to listen to yourself and find a safer way to your location or to remove yourself from a potentially dangerous situation.


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