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What Is Special Event Security?

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When you are planning a large public event, there are so many different types of event security to choose from such as party event security, main events security, public event security, major event security, and special event security. One of the best security that you chose is special event security, but what is it exactly? In this article, we will provide a guide answering a few questions about special event security.

What Is Special Event Security?

Special event security is the protection and supervision needed for an event that does not happen often. This could be a smaller, private event such as a launch party or celebration, or it could be a larger public event such as the World Cup. Special event security is a key part of the organisation process for such events to ensure that the day runs smoothly. Special event security can cover visible security guards or behind-the-scenes security such as CCTV operators – most special events use a combination of both.

Why Is Safety and Security Important At Event?

It is essential to consider how to stay safe whilst you are planning an event. This is because security and safety at events are vitally important to keep both the guests and staff members safe. Each special event, therefore, requires a customised approach that focuses on potential security risks and how to remove them. It is an event organiser’s responsibility to meet health and safety standards and employing security guards can help with this.

Event organisers will work closely with security companies to plan every part of the event. This may include an initial event risk assessment and discussion on security measures such as CCTV monitoring, door staff, or security foot patrols. If your event is ticketed or a VIP-only event, special event security guards can also manage who enters the venue, keeping trespassers at bay. Many larger special events such as festivals or concerts may have multiple access points, so it is important to keep these entrances and exits secure. Generally, it is a good idea to have one security guard per 100 people in order to provide adequate protection.

If there are any arguments or disturbances, security guards can handle this situation professionally, leaving event organisers to deal with running the event and impressing their guests.

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What Are The Safety And Security Concerns Of An Event?

There are many safety concerns to take into consideration when planning an event. Below we have listed some security concerns at an event.

Crow Control

Firstly, crowd control is vital – events generally have many people attending, so it is important to make sure that every person is kept safe. There may be spaces in your event that guests are not allowed to enter, or the event may be ticketed or invite-only, and therefore, the crowd will need to be vetted and controlled.


In events where alcohol is served, there are safety concerns as some may not be able to handle their drinking, making them a danger to themselves or others. It is important to have security guards who can escort people out of your event if they have had too much to drink or who can separate fights or arguments if they occur. If there are any violent incidents, then a security guard can detain people until the police arrive to take statements and charge those responsible. Security guards can also be witnesses to these incidents, which is vital for the safety of your business.

The Security Of Valuables

The security of valuables is another important factor to take into consideration when predicting the security concerns of an event. If you have a cloakroom, then this needs to be watched, expensive equipment needs to be secured, and pickpockets may also need to be looked out for. Trained security guards are experienced in reducing the opportunity for theft, with their presence deterring criminals from targeting your special event.

Health Concerns

One of the main safety concerns of any event is accidents or health concerns of the guests. Each event should have a first aid station, or first aid trained members of staff on-site to offer assistance if it is required. Many security guards are trained in emergency first aid and can assist guests with minor ailments or can support them until the emergency services arrive.

How To Deal With Safety Concerns?

When dealing with safety concerns at an event it is important that you list all the concerns on paperwork to ensure that your event is covered and will run smoothly. You can do this by creating an event risk assessment. A risk assessment will allow your security team to identify the main areas of risk and plan their deployment accordingly to mitigate threats. This may not be required for private family parties; however, public events should have a risk assessment.

Special events take a lot of organisation, but it is important to remember to organise security staff. It is also important to think about how many security guards you may require for an event. Experienced professional security guards can help identify safety and security risks, ensuring that your event runs as smoothly as possible. Large events have to follow security guidelines and documentation, and that includes proving that they have adequate security to ensure the safety of anyone attending the event.


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